Human Resources Expat Support

If you are an HR professional working for an organization that moves different levels of employees to a number of locations on a fairly consistent basis, you surely find yourself in need of relocation specialists quite often. By collaborating on the goals and strategies of your specific relocation program, we will support you in facilitating the implementation of your company's relocation policy.

The relocation agency is  generally seen as an extension of the HR department and a good collaboration between the two parties will ensure the smooth running of the relocation processes, while keeping expats and their families happy.

We are here to support you by:

  • Providing regular reports about the relocation process status and any changes in the immigration laws
  • Setting the right expectations for the expats regarding: terms and conditions of issuing immigration documents, value of rents, the most appropriate residential neighborhoods and any other relocation concerns
  • Keeping track of the lease contracts, negotiating rent if the real estate market reflects lower prices for similar properties, notifying you about termination dates and extensions
  • Keeping track of the immigration documents expiry dates and making sure that the HR department is notified well in advance so that the renewal process can be done smoothly
  • Informing you of and coming up with solutions for avoiding possible unexpected events
  • Offering customized, personally-tailored assistance for specific assignments

The HR department and the relocation agency have a common goal: get the employee and his/her family into the new location and productive in their professional position in as short a time as possible!

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