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Intrastat is the system that collects statistical data on the trade in goods between Member States of European Union (EU).

When a country becomes a member of the EU and part of the EU Single Market, customs control over the movement of goods between such country and other Member States no longer applies, so that traders need not fill in customs declarations for such goods anymore.

To replace this data source, the Intrastat statistics system was created and developed to collect statistical data directly from trade operators in the EU Member States which engage in exchange of goods with other EU Member States.

Who is required to submit INTRASTAT data?

There are two categories of operators:

- economic operators having exceeded during the previous year the threshold values established for the current year shall send the Intrastat declaration for all the months of the year;

- economic operators exceeding the threshold values during the current year shall send the Intrastat declaration as of the month in which such thresholds were exceeded.

Such thresholds represent the value limits of the intra-Community trade, and companies which do not achieve such levels are exempted from submitting the Intrastat declaration. The Intrastat statistical thresholds are individually established and may have different values for intra-Community import and export of goods.

Information on INTRASTAT thresholds is published in the Official Gazette of Romania every year, at the end of the previous year to the year for which such thresholds are in force.

For the year 2007, the established statistical thresholds are: for intra-Community imports - RON 300,000, for intra-Community exports - RON 900,000.

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