Moving Process 

Pre-Move Survey & Estimate

The first step for assessing a move and establishing a moving estimate is the survey stage. The free pre-move survey, during which a complete inventory of the effects to be moved will be taken and a moving price will be established, will be done at your residence or your office by our qualified sales staff. Our specialist will assess all conditions of access and will suggest the most appropriate methods and services for your particular moving, in order to provide you with the best solution for your moving process.

After the pre-move survey has been completed and all aspects associated with your moving have been considered, a formal estimate will provide all the necessary information by detailing services, costs and timeframe. The estimate will consider: estimated volume, ease of access, location of the effects, delivery property, floor levels and access, availability of elevators (if necessary) and, naturally, the distance between locations.


On the day the moving is scheduled, our team will arrive at your residence and will start packing your personal effects in packing boxes for moving, after our crew foreman has made a brief tour of the property with you. All moving boxes and containers will be carried out with our special high quality packing materials such as: silk packing paper for fragile items, air bubble wrap, cartons, hanging wardrobes for clothes, boxes for electrical items, IT equipment and audio equipment, special strengthened boxes for an optimal protection of fragile or high value items such as art objects, paintings, ornaments and mirrors, etc.

Regarding the packing, if an item requires dismantling to enable its removal or to ensure its safety, this will be done by our professional staff as discussed with our sales assistant during the pre-move survey.


Once all is packed, your dedicated team will load the goods carefully in the appropriate means of transportation (vehicle, shipping container, etc.), which will be sealed in your presence before leaving the residence.


Your goods will be brought in your new residence, where our crew will begin the unpacking services, assembling the dismantled items and placing the furniture into the right position. All cartons originally packed by us will be carefully unpacked and the contents arranged the way you wish. All waste materials and debris will be collected and removed from the property and returned for recycling.

Should you not require us to complete the unpacking at the time of delivery, it is possible to arrange for empty cartons and waste materials to be collected within 15 days after the delivery, without additional charges.


During the complete moving process you will be assisted by our Operations Department Manager and his operations team. They will supervise the moving, providing support and prompt answers to all your questions.

Specialized Team

Should you need to move difficult or heavy objects, which unlike normal furniture and effects require additional or specialized equipment, our specialist teams will be able to handle objects such as pianos, safes, server racks, IT equipment and other special items.

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