Bucharest Walking Tours

With such a beautiful country at hand, it’s hard not to want to experience it. Have you ever seen gorgeous photos of a place and when you got there, the view was…different? Well,  that’s because you didn’t know where to look, and it’s absolutely normal. As someone from another country, seeking the natural riches of Romania can prove problematic, as many of our landmarks and points of interest are either hidden or located in remote areas. A helping hand is needed.

We have come up with  a new concept - a destination consultant as your guide. A regular guide knows all there is to know about natural sights and manmade icons, but has his/her limitations when it comes to the way of life, culture and geo-economics. That’s where we come in, with years of experience in international environments and a whole lot of sightseeing, our destination consultants are a more complete version of your everyday guide. Plus, thanks to an advanced logistic system and strong office support, we have answers to any questions, almost in real time.

So take the leap and meet our expert consultants in a wonderful journey through the beautiful Romanian capital city, with wonders that only show on postcards. Learn about religion, history, art and politics and watch the city from a whole different point of view. You will certainly not forget the experience.

From Calea Victoriei, the road traveled by kings and princes, to the Romanian Athenaeum, a wonder of architecture and a cultural icon. You want history, we have history – The Royal Palace is where you want to be. Once the home of the Royal family, the Palace is one of the most renowned museums of the old continent. Revolution Square, Vilacrosse Passage and Stavropoleos Church are just some of the landmarks you don’t want to miss.

And you know what makes a Bucharest walking tour really interesting? It’s the insight information, the stories behind stone and mortar, the feeling of vibrating history and the journey that creates the experience. Yes, we can offer you that and we want to share it with you. So don’t miss out on a chance to see the city through new eyes. 

Tour type: City walking tour
 all year round, upon individual request
Duration: 2-8 h (depending on the package)
Starting point: Any hotel in the city center
Available languages: English, French
Group size: minimum 4-6 persons (VIP tour for one person also available)
Price: Upon request (depending on the group size)

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