Pet Moving

All pets need a lot of attention and careful handling, so specialized pet moving services are required when your animal friends accompany you on your move. If you are taking your family pet on your move, RILVAN Moving can help you with the best advice and professional pet moving services, in order to help your family friend adjust as quickly as possible.

We offer a first class package of pet moving services, guaranteed to provide all the necessary measures for your pet's safe relocation: veterinary services, pet shipping, pet accommodation, etc.

We offer air transportation, which includes the following:

  • Pet transport service
  • A suitable pet carrier/container, that meets international pet transportation standards
  • Temporary pet accommodation
  • Customs assistance
  • Veterinary services
  • Export documents for pet moving in accordance with the passport from the Sanitary Services
  • Import permit - document obtained by our destination agents based on the airway bill, which will be issued by us
  • Destination services
  • Pet delivery to the residence

Your pet's moving will be carefully and safely managed by our team, so that your friend easily adapts to the new location you are moving to.

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