The world runs faster and time is becoming more important than ever. Whether you want more time with your family or you just want to relax, our concierge service was specially developed for you. From personal assistance to running day/night errands, a concierge is a necessary, affordable luxury.

RILVAN’s concierge service is custom tailored to meet any specific need one might have. With a strong logistic system behind and with real time assistance from RILVAN headquarters, the top of the line concierge system can ensure the best services out there, to the most demanding client there is.

The concierge service includes:

  • Travel arrangements, bookings, personal advising and assistance;
  • Vehicle inspections and shopping advising;
  • Real estate caretaking and errand services – delivery, pharmacy, banking, dry cleaning and more;
  • Chauffeuring and supervision for children;
  • Care services for pets;
  • Dining, cultural and activity bookings;
  • House-sitting services and office help;
  • Executive and corporate assistance – client transport, planning meetings;
  • Event planning and overseeing;
  • Repair and maintenance services;
  • Reminder services;
  • Private transport services;
  • Shopping services – gifts, groceries;
  • General life overview services.

RILVAN concierge is a complete service meant to make your life easier and help you get more time for yourself. 

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